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STRUK is an equestrian stunt racing company. It involves highly skilled riders racing each other using highly tuned skills with incredible hand eye co-ordination. Our main skill of vaulting onto galloping horses is something that crowds love to see and has seen many of our riders move into the film industry working with various equestrian stunt teams 

Our All Weather League runs over 3 shows, each attended by over 200 competitors and up to 1000 people throughout each weekend. The top teams from the league then qualify for Europe's elite competition, the champions league, held in France every year! 


The league is currently sponsored by amazing companies PG Sports UK, Pro Equestrian Supplements & Pro Equestrian Theraplate. Want to get involved as a league sponsor? Drop an email to 


You can find us on Instagram & Facebook  @strukeventsltd where we have around 2000 followers. Some of our videos have had 10s of thousands of views. So we have a good exposure to the equestrian and sporting world.

In 2024 we host some huge competitions including the European Pairs, Rule the World and the British Championships. Want to get involved as a sponsor at any of these shows and have the worlds best riders pictured with your products or brand? Simply just drop an email to

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