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unt racing uk


Video - How to keep up with everything STRUK!

Stunt Racing UK involves extreme equestrian sports being competed by the world’s top riders. Rider and horse must demonstrate incredible agility, athleticism, co-ordination and teamwork as they take on obstacles and challenges whilst racing against other competitors. The sport is famed for the key skill of vaulting, where riders will jump on and off their horses at incredibly high speeds.

The sport has a very intriguing history linking back to the British Army where the races and skills demonstrated in the sport were often used as a way of improving the cavalries riding ability. More recently than this, In 1957 Prince Phillip created a competition that is still competed today involving team races using these skills, encouraging sporting ability but also the relationship and trust between a rider and his horse. It is on this foundation that we move forward with the sport, taking it to the next level with Stunt Racing UK and Xtreme Equestrian Sports.

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